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Almashura Health Group (MHG) is the first integrated group of companies in the Middle East to deliver solutions and provide opportunities in health care. We invest in science and technology for the future of business: integrating uniquely positions us to advise, provide, teach, and serve people in innovative ways that enrich their lives and bring creative energy and unparalleled expertise to the health care community. Our strengths lie in the practice of innovation, the blend of science and business, the operating and financing experience of our principals, and in our ability to capture cross-business synergies. It is our belief that clients and other extensive business-to-business relationships represent significant opportunities to grow in the market, and local relationships build a network that helps drive market share.

MHG is a natural extension of all our experience, with diversified interests and strategic means emerging from individual businesses. Our values unify our companies and mandate an open, participating, empowered environment. Working together our aim is to ensure that diversity in each of our companies is preserved, while building tightly aligned businesses that respond to changing market opportunities and drive new growth to create economic value. While MHG companies are operationally independent, we recognize that closely aligned objectives, in addition to a common stake in organization purpose and long-held values, is the cornerstone for a true partnership.


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