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Ajnad International Company specializes in the field of health care technology (maintenance, furnishing and management).

  • Hospital Management/ Operations:
    -Possesses the most advanced technical know-how.
    -Staffed by well-experienced, highly skilled specialists managing hospitals on an international level.
    -Collaborations/affiliations with international firms specializing in running multi-specialty medical centers.

  • Biomedical Engineering/ Medical Equipment Maintenance:
    -More than 15 years’ experience in the field; providing equipment and spare-parts for the most advanced medical equipment.

  • Furnishing of Hospitals:
    -Provides hospitals/medical facilities with the most advanced medical equipment and the latest furnishings as measured against an international standard of excellence.

  • Technical Support:
    -Provides systems and IT solutions for hospital management and administration.
    -Develops with IT engineers specific software required by the health care sector.

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