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Almashura ... The Right
Direction in Health Care

Almashura Health Group is a global-oriented corporation with a focus to provide superior services and products to consumers, businesses and governments in the health care market.The core of our businesses is health, including consulting, training, services and trading; each integrated and each operating under an established commitment to uniform standards of the highest quality.

Founded on sound business principles and a shared sense of responsibility to the common good of the community, we embody an unrelenting drive for efficiency and quality in our commitment to provide the latest technology in multidisciplinary services and products toward development of health services in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Guided by our fundamental belief about what is worth doing and how it should be done, we are committed to creating value by working together within and across our businesses. The synergies and multiple efficiencies created by our combined businesses help spur the development of creative thinking, innovative services, public interests, and a constant focus and strategy.

An exceptional workforce, visionary leadership, and strong resources, we bring expertise to our core experience and strive to foster true achievement within the health care environment, emphasizing quality and incorporating the service quality pillars of reliability, innovation, and fairness. Over the years, we’ve applied the wisdom of our experience and insight to recognize and act on change to build our position in the business of health care. Meeting this challenge is at the heart of everything we do because we recognize that today’s best is the benchmark we must surpass tomorrow.

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