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Almashura Health Group has local, regional and international associates, and is a partner in joint ventures/ collaborations on projects as a representative, agent, and/or distributor.

  • Actuarial Research Corporation, Maryland and Virginia, (USA). Specializes in analysis of health insurance coverage and cost trends for the United States Government, international governments, and private firms.

         Northland Health Group, Portland, Maine (USA). Medium size consulting firm dedicated exclusively to serving the health field.

         Arista Associated (USA). Member of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants (recognized by the American Hospital Association, and pre-screened by the American Medical Association).

         Health Information Consulting Ltd., Faversham, Kent, (UK), provides specialist information, management and solutions.

         The InterHealth Institute, L.L.C., Bethesda, Maryland (USA). Serves international clients in the fields of health and population.

         Melorita Management Consultants, Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia). Specializes in recruiting allied health professionals for Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries.

         Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation, (Canada). Develops/ implements accreditation programs for hospitals. Helps health service organizations meet their full potential.

         Global Vision Consulting, Riyadh (KSA). A management consulting and training institution, specializing in Total Quality Management (TQM).

         Individuals: Distinguished faculty members from the Harvard, Johns Hopkins, George Washington, and Boston universities (USA), as well as members from the UK, New Zealand, and the Arab world.

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