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Defining services with enough specificity, yet with enough flexibility in the execution to discover the right fit between our clients’ needs and how we can assist them in achieving their objectives, is the basis for our profession. A health care system that emphasizes accountability and performance can improve the quality of care, improve safeguards for patients, and reduce costs.

MHG provides unparalleled support requiring geographic and cultural expertise, in addition to a broad understanding of the health care industry, and a large dose of creative thinking. A Group with the knowledge and practical experience, earning a well-deserved reputation for innovation and excellence, our experts provide expertise in the following areas focusing on what is unique to each situation:

  • Strategic Management:
    -staff development
    -performance monitor/evaluating system
    -public/private partnerships

  • Quality Improvement:
    -hospital accreditation
    -Quality Management and CQI
    -establish standards/benchmarking
    -technology assessment

  • Management Tools:
    -cost accounting
    -pharmaceuticals/materials/ medical supplies
    -actuarial studies
    -cooperative insurance
    -global medical referral system

  • Financial:
    -feasibility studies
    -market research
    -environmental studies
    -financial valuation

  • Education:
    -association w/educational programs
    -coordinate education via eHealth
    -advisory on curriculum /qualifications /staffing

  • Facilities Planning:
    -functional/space/equipment planning
    -feasibility studies
    -biomedical engineering

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