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Almashura Health Group acts as your business and health care partners, positioning experts to be your resource, whether fostering implementation of reformed health care initiatives, providing expertise in redesigning management processes, outlining cutting-edge ideas for defining organizational restructuring, or develop/improve upon current financial allocation. 

The founders of Almashura have a rich history of providing the right services at the right time. Examples of projects:

Saudi Arabia:

Consultancies on professional standards, regional location of health facilities and emergency medical services. On-the-job training, organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, basic life support, telemedicine. The AlWaha Rehabilitation Hospital project.

Lebanon and Pakistan:
Making public hospitals autonomous and sustainable.

Egypt and Jordan:
Review the performance of private hospitals.

Assist teaching hospitals to be managed autonomously.

Study the corporatization of public hospitals.

Health sector reform and assistance in establishing National Health Insurance.

Argentina and Mexico:
Evaluate & advise on investments in private hospitals on behalf of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank).

Almashura participated in the following projects:

         Ministry of Planning, Health Reform Committee (KSA)

         King Fahad Medical City (in association W/Arthur Anderson, Ernest and       Young, and KPMG)

         Islamic Development Bank-assessing medical benefits plans

         Feasibility Studies for general medical projects for MHSC, HCA, Ajnad (Riyadh, Jeddah & Al-Khobar)

         Consultation for accreditation of health institutions

         Consultancy to WorldCare, Saudi Arabia

         Studies for National Health Accounts

         Environmental Studies for SEPCO (Saudi Gulf Environmental Protection Company)

  • Consultations, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry, relative to Health Care Institutions.

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