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As we look to the next few years, we see more opportunities than ever in our determination to achieve leadership position in the health care industry in the Middle East by serving the needs of customers in innovative ways ... and being the best at what we do. It isn’t enough to set the climate in support of initiatives and goals, the expectation of excellence in services/ performance must be driven into the fabric of our business if we are to ensure our goals are met tomorrow.

We know how to integrate the latest technology into existing systems in order to meet future requirements, while at the same time, laying the groundwork in support of any future business in respect of our professional reputation and associations.

We are committed to serving our customers’ needs, and achieving leadership results through principle-based decisions and actions, and will expand on the “shining stars” of business to promote them to best serve the needs of the market. We have the perspective and resources today to meet the challenges of tomorrow, while we meet the commitments we make today.

Future initiatives include:

·         Manufacture medical supplies and pharmaceuticals

·         Publish first journal in the Middle East addressing issues in health (administration management, education and environment)

·         Exploit information technology in our pursuit to become a leading source for reference/data in the health care field

·         Advance our involvement in bio-technology & research

·         Advance MHSC to accredited institute or college

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