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Recognizing the need to foster collaboration between science and business in the Middle East, MHG is a portal for health care professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen to work together, synergizing their efforts in developing projects that are viable, make economic sense, and leave a lasting positive impression on the community.

We assist in providing opportunities to health care professionals to broaden their experience base and build a cover portfolio; administrative, legal, marketing, financial infrastructure and logistics are readily available.



·         Committed to making distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in key areas of our expertise distinguished by our values and a single superior standard for our people, service, and professional integrity.

·         To operate against clearly articulated and aligned objectives and strategies, inspiring and enabling people to achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals, while accepting personal accountability to meet the business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness.

·         To turn leading-edge information into creative solutions for our clients’ businesses, putting their needs and interests at the center of everything we do.

  • To rigorously strive in our commitment and pursuit of excellence, and recognize that our people, values-driven culture and capacity for change are our greatest strengths and our competitive advantage.
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